3 Easy Ways To Free Reads


Completing a reading challenge can put a bit of a strain on your finances if you’re watching the pennies or are a struggling author trying to make her way in the world. Unless - you come up with some inventive ways of getting cheap or free reads.

My 1st port of call has always been Carnegie Library on Red Post Hill. Sadly that was shut down by my local council. Boo Hiss It’s a long story which you can read more about in my post entitled Crisis: Ruskin Readers & Carnegie Library. However, I didn’t let my short-sighted council stand in the way of my reading addiction. The whole borough’s library catalogue is available to browse online. This means I can order any book which takes my fancy, reserve it and for a modest 50p get a notice to collect it from a library of my choice at a time of my choosing. When you have a schedule like mine that’s pretty priceless.

Using this method of book procuring has several advantages:
  • Convenience
  • You have a never ending supply of books
  • Bulked up arm muscles from lugging your book bag to and fro
  • You save a shed load of money which you can put towards a big present for yourself
  • Getting books from your library not only saves you money but also generates a small income for your favourite authors. If they’re already dead it won’t matter to them very much. But if they’re very much alive e.g. like me – it will make a HUGE difference.

Trust me. As long as your favourite author is registered on the British Libraries PLR system they’re good to go. If you’re a published indie author make sure you register ASAP. 

The next stop on my road to a free book is Prolific Works (formerly Instafreebie). I’ve mentioned this site before. There are advantages and disadvantages to it depending on how you want to look at it.

  • Free books for your phone, e-reader or computer
  • It provides a download in whichever format suits your device
  • You find an amazing #indie read that makes you want to get more of this author’s work

  • You need an e-reader
  • Your e-reader becomes packed with free books
  • You may have to sign up to newsletters from authors
  • You sign up for a book and it’s only a preview but didn’t state that in the blurb – Grrraaargh! This is my personal pet peeve.
  • Some reads are less than inspiring and you lose the will to live thinking there are no decent #indie authors out there

If you prefer reading via your e-reader but don’t want to go down the Prolific Works route then the next best option is to download books directly from your library. Unfortunately at present there is no one App which allows you to do this. In most instances there should be a direct link through your local library’s website. It's best to inquire, either online or speak to a librarian for assistance with regards to this.

A final option for Kindle users is OverDrive. This is an App which allows you to lend and read library books via your device. I haven’t gone down this road as I’m getting more than enough reads from my chosen options. It would however be great to hear from anyone who does and how easy or difficult it is to use.

Please let me know other ways of getting cheap or free reads which have not been mentioned.

Exciting News!

My poem Dust Bowl Dreams has been published in issue 27 of a wonderful literary magazine called Prole. Go check it out.


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