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Sharp Dark Things - I

Most of my friends and writing support network knows that I'm working on my second novel – Sharp Dark Things [ SDT ]. The thing which has always left me floundering with regards this novel is that I feel it is essential that sections of it be illustrated. I found an illustrator a couple of years ago but things didn't work out. The main problem is that I can't afford to pay my illustrator and so can only offer shared notoriety once the book is published. Please take note of the positivity here. Not an if in sight. The prospect of finding an illustrator crazy enough to go along with me seemed impossible, but life has a wonderful way of throwing you what you need . Enter the exuberant Miss Sarah Pennock. I met the lovely Sarah through my work with Inkhead Creative Writing . I watched her create a sketch of an Olympic swimmer from descriptions provided by a group of children attending a writing workshop and knew I had to ask h