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101 Must See Films

Take 12: The Classics Ok, so three of these have Audrey Hepburn in them. I like her. The four next, which are books I've read, are also great. Roman holiday - a princess (Audrey Hepburn) escaped from her guardians. She falls in love with an American (Gregory Peck). Sabrina - in this film a young girl falls for a young man. In order to make her fall out of love with him, her father sends to Paris. The story begins when she gets back from Paris. Breakfast at Tiffanys - Paul, a struggling writer, moves to New York. In his building is a young woman, Holly. He meets her and he falls for her. Sense & Sensibility - in this films it is the job of the oldest sister (Emma Thompson) to provide for the family once her father has passed away. Pride & Prejudice - it is the bounty of a woman with daughters to find them good husbands. So it begins. Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) is no match for Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). A Room with a View - it is set in Italy. A you

Happy Christmas

  May you all have a very happy Christmas!

101 Must See Films

Take 11: Action! I like action films. I like them because I should not like them. They are violent and contain lots of fighting. I'm South African, so fierceness doesn't frighten me. Enter the Dragon - this is a film about martial arts. To my mind, it is the best film ever made. Bruce Lee is famous for his depection of Lee. He is involved in an undercover intelligence officer. Agent 47 - this is a violent film. Don't watch it if you are afraid of violence. Timothy Olyphant plays Hitman 47. He is not afraid of anyone. Hitman: Agent 47 - agent 47 has been hired to kill. He joins a young woman who is searching for her father. Jason Bourne - this is the final film in the Jason Bourne series. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) comes out of hiding. He finds out the truth about his past. The Bone Collector - Lincoln (Denzel Washington), and ex-detective who is quadriplegic, comes in to solve the mystery of a serial killer. He is helped by Amelia (Angelina Jolie). Lockout -