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Ruskin Readers

For as long as I can remember, reading has been a part of my life. As a child I remember walking to the bus stop with a book in my hand because I was so engrossed in the world within those pages. And by some miracle of auto steering I managed to manoeuvre around obstacles in my path. Even now, as an adult, I go everywhere with a book in my bag, sometimes two. When I'm not driving I like to take every opportunity to get engrossed in the plot of a novel, live the lives of the characters and marvel at the author's choice of language.  An ex boyfriend gave me a Kobo for Christmas last year and since then my bag has been a whole lot lighter. But whether in paperback or encased inside the gubbins of an e-reader, books are always with me.  I can't imagine a time in my life  without them or when they didn't give me the most immense pleasure ever.  Books have seen me through every major event in my life.  When I've felt that I couldn't rely on peo