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Memoirs Launch

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of Memoirs of a Feline Familiar . I merely acted as amanuensis to Jinx Obsidian Bastet (aka Kastaspella’s famous feline Familiar). In this memoir he tells us of the hardships a Familiar has to deal with on a daily basis and spills the beans about the famous and infamous alike. MAILING LIST EXCLUSIVE OFFER ON 22 MARCH the E-book will be completely FREE. Just follow the link below. FREE E-book

Back Catalogue Secrets II

The Main Characters Brueberon – A very lonely over-sized dragon in need of a friend. Clarissa Henry – An extreme reader who dreams of worlds other than the one she lives in. Kastaspella – A dastardly witch who detests Clarissa and hopes to make her life even more miserable than it already is. A Book Is Born My intention was never to write a children’s book. Before I started working at Inkhead I actively avoided little children quite simply because I was afraid of them. Okay, terrified is more accurate a description. As a teacher I stuck with teenagers. Despite their erratic qualities I related to them very well. Perhaps I was still a teenager at heart. Ultimately I assumed my writing would focus on teen and adult themes. At the time I was already writing the first in my Sci Fi series and was almost done with the final edit of my debut novel. So I was a little stunned to find myself writing The Lonely Dragon . I’m even more surprised now to find myself producing a