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Let it Stew

I'm generally a very impatient person so writing has been a steep learning curve for me since it demands a great deal of reworking and reflection. I'm amazed I've stuck at it this long considering how dubious the benefits are. But no matter how much I try to walk away from writing, it just won't let me. So now I've come to accept my delicious curse and am simply getting on with the business of writing. Over the years I've learnt that my impatience with regards to my writing only leads to frustration. This is particularly so when I'm wrestling with a particular character or scene which will not write itself to my satisfaction. Discussing the problem with a writing group can sometimes help me see the direction I need to be heading in. But more often than not the dilemma is something I need to work through for myself. Regardless of the amount of advice I can be given by my writing peers, essentially, choices such as voice, structure, ten

Christmas Cheer - Episode 2

So dear readers, as you know, I launched my new Christmas regime on my unsuspecting family and friends. Little realising that my wording didn't quite reflect the thoughts in my head. When I was found dancing and singing round the Kitchen to Christmas songs on the radio as the festive season began, there was stunned surprise from my boyriend at the time. “ I thought you didn't like Christmas”, he declared. “ That's not what I said.” Astonishment from me. “ Yes it is.” Emphatically. The relationship ended. Not that day. But it was an inkling that communication was an issue. It got me thinking however, if one person got it wrong then maybe others did too. I had failed to make my case clearly. So, here's the deal people. I LOVE THE FESTIVE SEASON What I hate is the commercialisation of it, the decorations in shops about a week after the Easter eggs have left the shelves, the endless ads designed to get the li