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Faetaera: Trouble In Paradise

Larell Lac Taal’s ankle winglets tingled.  The air of the Court Chamber fluctuated with uneasy echoes. Whispers of past conferences clung to the curves of the vaulted arches.  Larell’s sensitive winglets twitched at the almost imperceptible vibration the room emitted as it ingested the underlying tension. Today the disquiet of the Senex seemed to overwhelm the chamber’s soothing capabilities.   Perhaps my own concerns are shaping my perceptions.   He scrutinised each of the Senex members in turn: their Royal Highnesses like carved stone; Queen Aurelia, alabaster but for her eyes, warm as amber, Prince Elumin's colouring more that of green marble, Brairton’s cat eyes flashing in Larell’s direction, whiskers twitching. He occupied his chair with languid ease leaning over towards Mirasel beside him.   But, she furled her delicately arched wings away from Brairton. Mmmm, she mistrusts him. Larell's attention was drawn to Emuelle and Rhil as they arrived in a shimmer.   Faci

Angelus III

Dalili I saw him. He was sat with the child in a chair. I told myself what he was doing was wrong and I should go in and try to take the child from him. Then as I got closer, I saw he was asleep. His hand lay on the child, touching his head. I saw the love in the graceful nature of his hand. I looked at the brightness from him and saw this beaming into the child. He open his eyes. They were golden, with small bright flecks that saw the universe. He looked at me with a long gaze. He sighed and then he stood and laid the child in his bed. Then he was gone. I thought of him. This tall, incredibly strong man. There were muscles on him I had never seen before. And then his clothes. I knew them to be clothes people never worn today. His shoes were sandals, like the sandals worn by gladiators. No trousers, only a gladiator skirt. He wore no shirt. Only his arm were covered by light mail, up to the elbow, manicae. I would someday know that it was incredible soft. That was the first time

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy New Year