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The Benefits of Asc

Believe it or not,  it is entirely possible to benefit from the many avoidance tactics us ASc sufferers use . One prime example which springs to mind is a recent escapade where I agreed to dog sit for a friend who was going away. This little adventure took me deep into the heart of Neasden, a country where I have never been before.  So, I got my passport ready and booked in at the doctors for all the requisite jabs. While I have friends who live in North London, I only know specific routes for getting to their homes and then I usually high tail it out of there as soon as it gets dark. There be beasties in Highgate Woods I hear tell. But I digress – a little quirk I picked up from Cervantes . The thing is, while out in the wilds of Neasden I discovered a little piece of India smack bang in the middle of housing and industrial estates. The Neasden Temple . It is a wonder to behold. The turrets reach for the heavens and a staircase of ast

Avoiditis Scriptoris (ASc)

Recently I've been restless and finding it extremely difficult to sit down and just do that thing called writing. Usually I'm like one of those relentless androidy things in Terminator . I sit down at my netbook and the words just go from my fingers, through the keyboard and onto the screen. But every once in a while I seem to be engulfed by Avoiditis Scriptoris. This little known medical condition refers to a writer's inability to put pen to paper. Also sometimes more commonly known as Writer'sBlock . It's a term I personally disagree with due to the use of the word “block” which always seems to suggest you should be eating more bran. When my entire being is subsumed by Avoiditis Scriptoris, a whole host of things become enticing, even Lorraine Kelly . Tuning in to the Lorraine competition is vital so that I can answer the extremely difficult question to WIN the damn car, money, vouchers etc... I contracted ASc while