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The Dragon Project – Artists In Tow

Now, for your delictation, I present:

The artwork for The Lonely Dragon with information about the talented artists.

Alexander is 7 and his favourite food is fruit. His least favourite character is Batman “because he's cheesy.” He would very much like to be Lloyd Minga.

Lilly, aged 8, loves grapes. Her least favourite characters are “the wicked witches from Stardust because they are so creepy.” She would most like to be a zoo keeper.

Mackie, one of the youngest in the group at age 6, has donuts at the top of his list of favourite foods. Matilda is his least favourite character because he doesn't "like the movie." He wants, most of all, to be like Darwin.

The Dragon Project – Artist in Chief

             Anastasia Scudamore

Anastasia graduated from Camberwell College of Arts last year. She is currently working on several paintings and has been listed as one of 10 artists to watch on Her work can be viewed on her website and at an exhibition (Art In Mind: Absolution) which is running from 21st January - 1st February at the Brick Lane Gallery.

I'm lucky enough to have known Anastasia for a few years since I'm friendly with her mum.  Personally, I foresee a great artistic future.  But of course I'm biased.
Here's your chance to get to know what makes her tick.  

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in art?
After studying Art and photography at A level I knew I wanted to pursue a career in Art. I went on to do a Foundation Course in Art at Camberwell College of Arts and during the Foundation I developed my ideas and style. At this time I also moved out of my comfort zone and experimented with different mediums and I learnt that painting …

The Dragon Project - Lift Off

In my life I've always been extraordinary lucky in that what I most need always comes my way at the exact moment I need it.
I'm hugely grateful for this, especially now as I pursue this precarious thing called Writing.

Out of the blue I got a facebook invite to the graduation exhibition of a friend's daughter.
Enter Anastasia Scudamore who reminded me that she ran an art club with her dad, Dimitri Scudamore. My brain started doing complex gymnastic moves.
My mouth opened before I could stop it. I asked Anastasia if she'd be willing to get her art club kids to do some drawings for the story and before I knew what was what, dragons were flying all over my living room.

Here is Anastasia with an art club expose.
"Kid’s do Art’ takes place on Saturday mornings from 10-12 at St Luke’s Community Hall in Battersea.
It was mainly my dad’s idea as he wanted to continue his love for art and teaching so he decided to start the art club. It was a perfect opportunity for me and my …

The Dragon Project - Conception

I was reminded about Brueberon (my dragon) 3 years ago when a friend and I were reminiscing.  She remembered how I used to make up bedtime stories when we were kids on sleep-overs. These mainly kept us awake rather than put us to sleep as intended. Which then resulted in finger wagging from our mums and giggles under the covers from us.
But this memory made my friend ask if I'd ever thought of writing for children.
I admitted I hadn't given it much thought but I'd give it a go and write one specifically for her daughter. And so The Lonely Dragon was conceived.
But life got in the way. So I consigned the Dragon to more loneliness by putting the story into a folder I like to call, The Vault.

This is where all my writing snippets go. A tutor on a course I attended back in the long distant past told us never to throw out any piece of writing we did. These little pieces of apparent writing nothingness could indeed be nuggets of wonder. And I'm not talking of the chicken …

Annus Fantasticus

When New Year's eve came a knocking at my door I didn't have a moment's doubt as to what my New Year's resolution was going to be.
This is because for this year it's to keep doing exactly what I did in 2014.
The reason I came to this decision is down to the fact I've had an amazing year full of life affirming events.
Here are my top five: Olivia moving in with me Working closely with Louise Pearce to develop new courses for Inkhead Writing the first draft of a new novel in one month Having a wacky photograph taken by Mike Pevsner which absolutely captures my neck and neck love of tango and writing Having an extract of my latest novel read at ARW4 Each of these events has opened up new aspects of me to me and I'd like to share this with you.

When Olivia first moved in I was simply thinking about helping a young person on a very intellectual level. What I didn't count on was the mix of friend/sister/mentor/psuedo-mum bond which would develop between us. I am tr…