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Faetaera: The Wisdom of Curly

  Back in Larell's study Curly's goatee trembled as he spoke.   “There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind the ice sprite is depressed  Larell.   The stench of it filled the room.   It’s a wonder the poor plants didn’t just keel over instantly.” Depressed. That word again.   The first time Larell heard it he had to ask Curly to explain it to him.   “It’s good to have someone on the inside Curly.   Thanks for doing the job at such short notice.” The goat shook his head from side to side.   “I owed you Larell.” “Did he exhibit any other signs we need to be aware of?”   Larell paced back and forth behind his desk. “Well, I think he’s going to do something to himself.”   Curly sat back on his haunches. Larell’s head whipped round.   “Do something!   You don’t mean…?” “I do.”   The goat nodded sagely. “This is just too much Curly.   It’s …” Curly and Larell spoke together.   “Unheard of.” “I don’t have enough bodies as it is, now I’m going to have to find somebody t