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  I have published a book of poems called Self. It is about myself.  I hope you enjoy it. It on Amazon. Here is the site. The ebook will be available for 99p from 9th of December till 16th.

101 Must See Films

Take 10: Romantically Speaking These are best films in this genre. I think they say about love all there is to know. L A Confidential - it is 1950s and as corruption grows, three policeman - one vicious, one strait-laced and one corrupt fight it out. So this might not sound like it's about love, but it is. True Romance - this is about love. How love is the only thing that matters. It's how Elvis fanatic, Clarence (Christian Slater) falls in love with Alabama (Patricia Arquette). It the one story about love that gets me. Girl with a Pearl Earring - Griet (Scarlett Johannson) while working for Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) as a maid, becomes close to him. He uses her to paint the famous painting, the girl with the pearl earring. Cold Mountain - Nicole Kidman and Jude Law are fantastic in this film. It is the American Civil War and W P Inman (Jude Law) is trying to get back home to his beloved Ada (Nicole Kidman). Renee Zellweger is superb in this as Ruby Thewes. Ga

Angelus II

Lucien He saw her when he opened his eyes. She was all aglow, like sunlight before it comes out. He knew instantly that he had to disappear. So he took the child from his chest and laid him in his bed. Then he was gone to her sight. Putting his hand to the child’s head he stayed to look at her. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He wanted to reach out and touch her hand. But he restrained himself. Instead he moved a little away from the bed and put his hands behind his back. But his breathing became heavier. So he turned and left. And then one day, he came to protect her because she was protecting the boy. Those were his thoughts. There were clouds of bright light. Not any light. There was war. Great storms of increased fighting. And in it he saw Aaron and Dalili. At the middle of the great storm. So he came. He wrapped his arms about her because she carried Aaron. He wrapped his wings around her because she carried Aaron. He wrapped his life around because s

Angelus I

Aaron I had always had an angel. Not that I knew him as that. He was just the one that came to me when I was frightened. I remember him sitting in the chair with me. Singing me songs I didn’t know so I would not be afraid. And because of these songs I was never afraid. I was small, really little. There were many things I was afraid of. Then came the angel. It was my right to be scared of him, yet, there he was just to protect me. I came to realise that quickly. And when I saw him, that’s what I felt. He was always present, even when I didn’t see him. There he was just singing to me. And because of him, I was not afraid. He never left me. Until she came. He would always be with me, but until she came, he went away. I thought it was because she gave me love. Not the kind of love he’d given me, the normal kind of love. And I learnt to love her back. I saw him watching me and seeing the love she gave to me. I learnt to know her name. Her name was Dalili. I was very little and I cal


I’ve been sat on the edge of the bath for a good half hour now. My bum’s gone a bit numb. I think it’s slowing becoming grafted to the bath. The triangle of sunbeams has shifted its angle of glow from the basin to the space between the door and the towel cabinet.   At some point my brain will accept the information it’s been given. But right now I feel the need to mentally catalogue every inch of my bathroom – to see the good, the bad and the ugly of my hotchpotch bathroom. In it I see the story of my unsatisfactory life; the half formed relationships I lose interest in all too quickly (the shelf I started sanding but never got round to finishing), the family I always mean to stay in touch with (the cracked tile I’m always going to replace but never do). My whole body feels a bit numb, as if my blood supply has shifted its directional flow and is focused on just one section of my body. And why am I trapped in my bathroom? I’m trying to add up how many times in my short existence I’