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Best Laid Plans

Yes, the ominous title says it all. My publishing plans for 2019 have been put on hold. In the last 2 to 3 months I’ve been struggling to bring a flare up of my Lupus under control. This mainly consisted of migraines on a daily basis. Unfortunately I haven’t quite succeeded.   Together with my homeopath I’ve more or less managed to get the migraines under control. Visits to the doctor have been endless. Not to mention all the blood tests I’ve had to endure - my favourite thing. I’ve tried to keep my writing and other plans going as per usual but after 5 hours in A&E one evening earlier this month I’ve finally had to admit I need some time away from the laptop. I will still be working on my writing projects but at a much slower pace than usual. This does however mean that the promised release of several books will probably only happen towards the middle of 2020 and beyond. I apologise for this as I know several people were keen to read The Witch Adoption Project (