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Sneak Peak: armour plating & witches

As you know, my ART have been hard at work sending their notes on The Witch Adoption Project and the new poetry book is out there to buy. But I thought you deserved a tidbit or two. So here for you is a sneaky peak at a poem from Life Extinct and Chapter 36 of the sequel to The Lonely Dragon. For a look see just click on the relevant picture below.Enjoy!Good NewsThe old cat flap is open once more and Neighbourly Nala continues to visit regularly. Like every teenager out there, she prefers highly calorific treats over those concerned for her dental health. I continue to get new bookings for my spare room through Airbnb and so far have met a lovely sculpture specialist from France and a young man from Hong Kong who is under Nala’s thrall.I’m getting to grips with the whole Going Wide side of things and have joined a fantastically supportive group on Facebook called Wide For The Win. This means my e-books are now available for all e-readers and also reader subscription services.Members o…
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Old Dog, New Tricks - Reader Subscription Services

During Lockdown I had to learn a raft of new online skills. One of the many things I discovered was the existence of reader subscriptions services. I guess the main reason this was so new to me, even though it’s been around for a while, is that I’m an avid library user and doubt this will ever change. However, for those not as library-bound as this particular potential Luddite, it seems ideal.How they work is:you pay a monthly subscription fee, much like you do for Netflix or Skythey have 30 day free trialsthey carry a large selection of e-magazines and booksthey are compatible on many device platforms including Kobo, Nook and morethey are generally available worldwideThe main reason I became aware of them is that I attended an online seminar run by the Alliance of Independent Authors on how to spread the reach of my e-books beyond Kindle Unlimited. The speaker mentioned a few names which were unfamiliar to me so I checked them out.If you’re short on money I still highly recommend usi…

Book Cover Battle: The Witch Adoption Project

The Witch Adoption Project is due out in December which means it’s time to make a decision on the cover. I would very much like you to be involved in this so here goes.The rules are simpleWatch the videoUsing the Blurb as your guide, pick the cover you think suits the story bestLet me know either on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments which is your favourite.The cover with the most votes will be gracing the front of the book when it's released in December. Happy Voting!

Trailer: The Witch Adoption Project

In other news...Life Extinct is now available for all e-readers with the use of this handy universal link from Books2ReadThe paperback will follow by the end of September.

Nala's Neighbourhood Watch

At my house, the standing summer tradition when the weather is particularly fine (started by my parents and continued by myself) is to always have the front door wide open from sunrise till dark. It’s a way of cooling the house. For those of you wondering the why of it. The recent delightful London weather resulted in the front door being left wide on many a day.The postie shouts up when delivering mail and I pop down for a chat. Not so much during Lockdown, but it still happens. Neighbours stick a head in and I stop for a tea or coffee break, depending on schedules and commitments. Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of visits from my neighbour’s cat Nala. She’s newish to the neighbourhood, having been adopted from Battersea not so long ago.These visits started out as shy forays up the stairs with a hasty dash back down if I spotted her. Gradually a ‘hello’ in her direction has turned into treats left in the hallway, then a stroke or two at the front door. We’ve now graduated to full…

Like a phoenix

Many thanks for all the messages I received from people after my last post. I truly appreciate the support extended by each and every one of you. If I haven’t responded to your email as yet, please bear with me, I will get back to you pronto.Great NewsThere’s tons of it to pass on.Airbnb have opened up my calendar and I'm booked up until the end of October. This is a great relief to me.I’ve been loading my books on Draft 2 Digital which means they’re available for all e-readers and not just Kindle. This is long overdue so I’m very glad I finally got that squared away.I’ve also finally gone ‘wide’ for my paperbacks so can approach local independent bookshops and libraries to stock my books.I’m working on a short book as part of the Deed series. It will be exclusive to members of my mailing list. That should be done by mid October and with my subscribers once I convert it to an epub and mobi doc. I will also provide a pdf if people prefer that.I’m well into the final edit of The Wit…

London Lockdown Lament

The COVID Lockdown here in South London has been a fraught one for me. It didn’t start out that way. I’m used to spending hours on my own. When I was younger I thought this was a defect but then discovered it had a label – INTROVERT. Shrugging my shoulders philosophically, I gave in to my inner nature and split my time between friends, work, writing and watching my favourite films and TV programmes. So I wasn't unduly concerned about the London ‘Lockdown’.At the start of the Lockdown I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Airbnb guest staying with me. She came from Canada with her 3 cats in tow and we all got to know each other intimately. Well, more or less. The cats were very shy to begin with. But I charmed them with treats and my innate feline nature. I also made my guest do ridiculous tasks such as carrying an old water tank from a neighbour’s driveway to my garden so I can someday turn it into a water feature. No, that hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Eventually.My guest (n…