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101 Must See Films

Take 7: From Here to the Future One of the reason I like Sci Fi is because of my mom. She loved it. I came to love them too. When I came out of the hospital, I remember that I had my Netflix account. I decided that I was going to watch all the Sci Fi I wanted. So I watched Gattaca, Dune, Bladerunner, The Matrix and many more. Dune - the best film I've seen in 2021. I liked the first film with Kyle Mac Lachlan, Sean Young and Sting. I was glad that it was made. But this second one is better. I can't wait for the sequel. Elysium - this film is about a boy who wants better things in the future but he wants a better future for all the people in this world. Oblivion - in this film a man who is guarding the present is thinking about the past. In it he remembers a person who he should know. But his present partner says its best if they forget the past and remember what their future holds. Gattaca - a man wants to make himself the best he can be so he can be an astronaut. But
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The Unmarked Box

  On a shelf in the back of a little Post Office sorting room in Didsbury sits a red and white Parcel Force bag waiting to be unpacked. Inside the bag is a variety of packages. Tucked into a corner of the bag is a little box; an ordinary box, measuring only 8cm by 7.5cm and 5cm deep. It has no unusual markings, no makers label and is made from recycled cardboard. It once housed paper clips, the ones covered in multi-coloured plastic. But they had been tipped into a little blue ashtray so that this box could rise above its station and become more than just an ordinary box.   Soon, but perhaps not soon enough, the above mentioned box will be found by a CIB officer investigating the murder of a young journalist. Once found it will be marked by the officer in a chain of evidence log. The little box will then gain the status of Exhibit C for case number M/F000925439. A neatly printed evidence label with the box's new identity will be attached to its side and it will no longer be an un

101 Must See Films

Take 9: When the World went West I was a child when my father made me watch Pale Rider and The Magnificent Seven. I thought they were noble. I still think that they are the best. Pale rider - a small gold mining town is besieged by a ruthless owner. In comes a stranger who rescues the miners. This is one of my favourite westerns. Once Upon A Time in the West - once in the west people they needed railroads. A man is killed because he has the most important land to build a fine station. A mysterious stranger with an harmonica decides to help the widow build the station. A fistful of Dollars - two rival families are against each other. A stranger rides in town and before the two families know it, he's working for them. Two Mules for Sister Sara - when a gunslinger finds a group of men trying to rape a women, he steps in and stops it. Unforgiven - Clint East plays William Munny. He is inspired by his late wife to abandon his life as a gunslinger. But because of his lac


Doof doof doof doof doof doof.   Her eyes are shut and she can feel the beat of the bass through the soles of her feet. Snaking up her shins, thighs, buttocks and coming to rest in the pit of her stomach. Her legs are pumping with the action of a step instructor, her arms keeping rhythm, her fingers enclosed around the cool feel of the oft times refilled Evian water bottle clutched casually in one hand – the talisman of the Brixton clubber.   The clubbing scene - here she is in the midst of it all.     A mate called round earlier - "Wanna go clubbing?" “Where?” “Brixton.   Only 10 minutes on the number 37 and an easy trip home when you’re totally out of it.” “You’re on." “I’ll come round for you at 10.” “See you later.”                    Nearly 40 and she was still striving to find a scene that in her heart she knew wasn't her, never would be.   Why?   She knew the answer, but would not voice it, even with that quiet little inner voice. Besides, she

Aphasia - Phase 1

It was one morning of May 2021. I woke up and I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know I had a stroke. I carried on as though I was okay. I even tried to negotiate with my guest when she was leaving. I tried to talk but only mumbles came out of my mouth. She left me with a big hug. I knew something was wrong. I tried to call my cousin, Michelle. With a few grunts, I convinced her to come round to my place. In the end she came round and she was very worried. She stayed with and we had lunch together. After she left, I called my friend in Sheffield, Bev. I tried to say what was wrong with me. I couldn’t speak. She rang my neighbour, Kathy. Kathy was out with Nelson, her fabulous dog. Bev rang her so she came round. When she came to my house I was sitting in the dark. Bev said she should call an ambulance. I took the phone from her and shook my head. Before long my neighbours Lizz and Leo came to see how I was. Kathy told Leo to ring the ambulance because I took her phone. She did not know w

101 Must See Films

  Take 6: The World at War The main reason I watch war films at all is because of my dad. It started with films such as The Guns of Navarone and The Day of the Jackal . The older I got the more I realised I'm more interested in films detailing Resistance action or those which have a psychological component to them. In all honesty, war will never be one of my favourite genres but there are some undeniably brilliant films in this category which simply cannot be ignored. So here goes with the ones I declare as absolutely standout. Escape to Victory - My dad loved this one too. It contains a cast of favourites, including the fabulous football skills of Pele. It's dated I grant you but not to be missed. Avoid the remake if at all possible. Good Morning Vietnam - a Robin Williams classic dealing with a war the US would rather the world forgot. The fallout from their involvement is still very much with us today. The main thing which drew me to this film was that is reminded me of

101 Must See Films

Take 5: Feisty Females Who can resist a feisty female? Not me. Amongst my acquaintance it’s rumoured I may well be one. I don’t have the killer skills of the women in these fine films so have no idea why this rumour surfaced. But I can promise that you’ll find your very own favourite in this little lot. Kill Bill 1 – A classic come back film featuring a bucket load of grit, fortitude & great martial arts action scenes. Kill Bill 2 – you just know you’re onto a good thing when there’s a tribute to Bruce Lee in the action sequence Working Girl – Melanie Griffiths vacuuming in her underwear. Do I really need to say much more than that? Million Dollar Baby – Heart-breaking & fabulous Thelma and Louise – The film that defines the letters BFF The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – a pint sized heroine, brilliant investigative journalism & beautiful Swedish scenery. Please take my advice and watch the original Swedish version.  The Girl who Played with Fire - seq