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Out On A Limb

On 9 January I was hit with the news that my Indie publisher is closing down.  I waited for that awful feeling of dread to pound down on me but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. So here’s why I think I didn’t implode: The two books I currently have with my publisher will just have to be relaunched.   And maybe this time I’ll even venture into print-on-demand while I’m at it rather than only having them available as ebooks.   I've been considering doing a rewrite of Six Dead Men [SDM] for the longest time as it is.  This means I just have to do it sooner than planned.   I’m a whole lot more savvy than I was when I published  SDM .  In any case, that was a reaction to my dad dying and me feeling I needed to do something positive to follow such a devastating emotional blow. So now I’m working on the following projects: Project I Editing and reshaping Sharp Dark Things [SDT] . - I’ve been wanting to dig out this major opus and send it off to

Sharp Dark Things IX – Curly

This is my first post of 2016 and I feel it's appropriate that the year begins with one of my favourite characters from my opus in the making, Sharp Dark Things [SDT].   Sarah and I have have concluded our monthly meetings at a certain bakery in Islington. In the meanwhile I've been evaluating exactly what it is I want to do with the book when I've completed my edits on it and how I'm going to achieve my ultimate goal of getting it published as a graphic novel. I've decided I'm too close to it and need to have it looked at with fresh eyes. So I'm getting it ready to send off to The Literary Consultancy. But before I do that I thought I'd share another one of Sarah's drawings with you.   And as ever, I continue to be amazed by how Sarah is able to put down on paper what I have in my head. Sarah, you are incredible. The character Sarah has drawn for this post is Curly. Yes, he's a goat. But that's not all there is to

New Year Wishes

Wishing all my followers a New Year filled with all your most heartfelt wishes.  May your days have an abundance of health, wealth & love.