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Sharp Dark Things V - Queen Aurelia

Since the middle of May I've been completely caught up in getting the first 50 pages of SDT honed and ready to send off to Cape at Random House .  I haven't felt so nervous since my competitive skating days.  But I breathed deep and finally clicked SEND on Wednesday 25th.  Just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate ever so slightly. So it's been a huge relief to work on the blog, especially as Sarah has delivered yet another stunning drawing. I can't wait to see what she has to offer when I next meet up with her. Here is Sarah's Queen Aurelia. Aurelia was never meant to rule Faetaera . She trained with her father's guards and planned to travel and meet adventure before it met her. But the War to End All Wars put a stop to that. “ Aurelia stood to receive her father, laying her sword on the stool she had occupied. Her legs no longer feeling that they belonged to her, she forced herself to take the necessary steps t

Sharp Dark Things IV - Larell

Here is Sarah's most recent drawing. This is Larell Lac Taal. He is the security chief for The Citadel of Faetaera. Larell takes his job seriously as Queen Aurelia (more about her to come in a subsequent blog) specifically chose him for the job. “ To others these small inconsistencies in Faetaera would seem insignificant. Unless, they had an inbuilt distrust of anything more out of the ordinary than usual. Why was he wired this way? He wasn’t sure. It certainly made for an interesting youth but now in his middle years he was less enthralled by this quirk. The queen was only too aware of it. She told him it was the main reason she had appointed him as head of security, a post never before held within the kingdom. That she felt the need for the position was disturbing in itself. Larell had been unable to decline her offer. ” © Rae Stoltenkamp His character is led first and foremost by duty. He puts his personal needs aside to do what must be