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Author 2 Author - VI

                       Ian Richardson “I am a South London based writer who, after a near death incident, started acting around four years ago and resumed writing about a year later. It seemed like a good  idea. My work, including short stories, poetry and short plays has received professional rehearsed readings in local literary festivals and events. Two full length pantos have been performed in Community Theatre runs. GENRE I don’t write in any particular genre.  Lots of it is mining incidents from my own life particularly childhood.  What I’ve been writing is somewhere between short story and Gonzo journalism.  I’ve recently reread some short stories by Heinrich Boll .  Some of them are only five pages long and nothing happens in them really.  But they’re absolutely intense.  They pull you in.  If I had a choice I’d be doing that.  Quite a lot of my work was originally short comedic plays.  I’ve written two

More Social Media & Me

So I'm on Twitter and even have a new phone to make those all important tweets more of a possibility.  To date I've tweeted about my first strawberries, redecorating my spare room and what's going on in my writing world. I also did a bit of research to see if there were any other sites out there which suited my personality better than the 140 character restriction of Twitter. That in itself proved time consuming and confusing. There's just so many of them. See what I mean? It forced me to ask myself if joining a whole load of different social media sites was really right for me. I can see some serious downfalls. It's a time consuming business and there are so many things to get distracted by. There's the danger of drowning in the vast ocean of Twitter, Pinterest, facebook, tumblr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, flickr..... Added to this, all the Social Media focus could lead to not doing what we (writers) really want to be doi