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Author 2 Author - III

     Steve Shahbazian I've attended Caroline's classes, written one novel – Green & Pleasant Land , a set of Sci Fi short stories – Approaching Paradise and err... that's it really. As my friend once said, “Why not have a go at writing? What have you got to lose?” Seventeen years later... NOVEL APPROACH Green & Pleasant Land is a political dystopian novel which I started work on way back in 2001. I've had the title for longer than I can remember. It was always that. When I first started it this was the only good thing about the novel. I hope it's improved since then. I wanted to write something in the same genre as things I like – Brave New World , 1984 , A Clockwork Orange . Whereas the idea of totalitarian governments and regimented societies had been done before. I wanted to look at a weak government, a fragmented society; a world which was in some ways familiar but in others, strange - to create a sense of ali

Dear Cosmos...

My tango buddy and fellow picnicker, Chantal B, will confirm I cosmic ordered my perfect job in her very presence. I was unemployed at the time and had been so for almost a year and a half. We were having one of our regular tea/coffee with tasty treat from local bakery scenarios. I believe it was close to Christmas and we were discussing the future as this time of year often makes one reflect in that way. I munched on my treat and said, “What I really need is a job which allows me time to write in the mornings, do some kind of teaching and be creative at the same time as I love developing resources.” Chantal heartily agreed this would be the kind of job to suit both my personality, desire to write on a more permanent basis and love of teaching. But of course, simply sending this wish out into the cosmos was not enough. I remember coming home after my chat with Chantal and my words still ringing like tinnitis in my ears. As I lay in bed that night I c

My First YA Novel

Would very much appreciate your help sorting out the final title for my YA novel.  As you can see, I've added a helpful poll to my home page. Blurb The year is 2067 and 19 year old Neera Luxquaera is on a mission to find a rainbow. None exist in the domed city where she lives. Long before the collapse of the ozone the wealthiest families moved to the safety of space. But here, in one of the remaining cities still in existence after the worldwide disaster – genetically engineered chimps and humans battle to survive. Life is made no easier by the constant clashes between them all. Chapters of the previous version are available to read on Wattpad , so why not give it a go.