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Sharp Dark Things VI – Prince Elumin

Sarah has confessed to me that she finds this character particularly alluring.  Personally I think he's pretty damn sexy and she's certainly drawn him that way. But that's just me. Imagine fancying your own character. I'm utterly shameless. Elumin is Commander in Chief of Faetaera's Elnight Force and Aurelia's husband. He came into Aurelia's life shortly after her father died and was instrumental in securing a victory for the ruling house . He loves Aurelia deeply but is threatened by Larell's quiet dedication to her. He shows this in subtle ways. " While the Senex assembled, Elumin sat with his arms languidly draped along the engraved armrests of his throne. Now his left arm moved minutely as he trailed a slim forefinger along the length of the throne arm. The design carved into the dragon ivory no longer resembled the other armrest. Eyes pinned on Larell, he spoke. “Larell, your initial investigation s

Author Interview - Emily Benet

Emily was born in London to a Welsh mother and Spanish father, but spent her teenage years in Barcelona. Her debut book  ShopGirl Diaries  began as a blog about working in her Mum's eccentric chandelier shop. It won the  CompletelyNovel  Author Blog Awards at the London Book Fair in 2010 and inspired her script for  Shop Girl Blog,  a comedy taster starring Katy Wix. Emily has contributed articles on Blogging and Social Media to guidebooks and magazines including  Survival Guide to Journalism, Publishing Talk, The New Writer  and  Mslexia  and runs  Blogging for Beginners and Improvers workshops.   She has just signed a two book deal with Harper Collins' digital imprint Harper Impulse and her next book,  Spray Painted Bananas, will be coming out in Summer 2014.  If she's not writing or thinking about writing, it's probably because she's up a mountain or fast asleep. ***** I met Emily through the generosity of my writing frie