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Inkhead Interview - Imagination Stew

  To me it is obvious that programmes like Inkhead are clearly an experience children need. I wasn't even aware of how much I needed it till I started working with Louise. My need to write is on a par with my need to teach. I think it's built into my dna as both my maternal grandfather and mother were teachers. I love the buzz I get when I see that certain something click in a student's mind, the hunched shoulders relax and a smile of relief appears. And more than anything, I love that I was able to give that opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that children relish the clubs and courses. I've watched shy youngsters become more confident in a matter of days. I've seen reluctant writers produce and complete a story in no more than 9 hours. And I've seen children's writing progress in giant leaps. But I'm not going to wax on. Their testimonials speak for themselves. The Inkhead facebook page also has countless photos of

Inkhead Interview - Back to School

September is all about back to school.  So I'm running a special feature on Inkhead .  If you don't know what it is, read on and find out more. Louise Pearce is the founder of Inkhead which runs creative writing workshops for children aged 7 – 14. The main aim of these workshops is to inspire and encourage children to write fiction. Inkhead runs after school clubs during term time and workshops in half terms and the Summer holidays. Louise and I met because I picked up one of her flyers at Carnegie Library and thought, “This is the perfect job for me. I wonder if they need tutors?.” At the time I was unemployed and keeping several wolf packs at bay at my door. A few emails later and an interview was arranged. It took place in a coffee shop at the bottom of Herne Hill. I've never been so camomile tea relaxed and caffeine nervous all at the same time. I needn't have worried. It transpired that Louise and I have a great