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In The Works: Part 1

The main task for the start of this year is to complete the final edit of Palindrome . My aim remains to publish this prequel to Six Dead Men in the Summer. Once this is done there are several projects I could be working on for next year and beyond. But which one should be my main focus for 2019? Help me out dear readers!  Please vote for the book you’d most like me to work on for publication in 2019. The hopeful contenders are: The Witch Adoption Project When Rainbows Dare This week’s post will state the case for The Witch Adoption Project . It  is the sequel to  The Lonely Dragon  [ TLD ] and continues the tale of Clarissa, Bruberon & Kastaspella. While  TLD  was set mainly in Bruberon’s homeland, this story centres on Clarissa’s life now that Jocasta Spellatrix (aka Kastaspella) has become a member of Clarissa's family. It is a coming of age story which also focuses on the trials and tribulations of a young girl forced into the care system by tragic ci

Routine Interruptus

I’m big on routine.  As soon as the Christmas break was over and done with I was keen to resume my usual schedule of works. I’m always more productive when I’ve got a regular routine to follow. I’m also lucky that I’m naturally an early riser so getting the majority of my work done in the morning after a large coffee is no chore at all. I don’t even need to set my alarm. I’m sure for those who find early mornings a trial this must sound unbelievable. Perhaps what set the tone was all those 5am wake-up calls when I was a teenager training for ice skating championships. Whatever the reason, I find mornings easy. And I’ve found them increasingly easy the more I do the thing I love to do so much. So I expected this January to be no different. Of course I wasn’t counting on a bout of the flu to stop me in my tracks.  It caught me totally unawares. I felt a bit out of sorts but was eager to get on with the day to day stuff so contacted parents about resuming schedules. Then foll

#Indie Intro

#Review: A Touch of Magic by Lisa M White 5 Stars for story concept 3 Stars for execution This book was a tonic which helped pull me out of the glums I was feeling after having recently read two overly prophetic books about current society. It tells the tale of isolated plastic surgeon Jessie Inglewood whose pride and prejudice regarding her profession and practitioners of natural medicine lands her in turbulent waters. With the help of the mysterious Angel and a bit of magic she comes to see the error of her closed off mind. An easy read, the style is relaxed but plays with ideas of thwarted romance giving us two leading men in the form of heart surgeon Dr Bergh and naturopath Adam Newfield. Which one of these men will claim Jessie’s heart and lead her to happiness? The plot also touches on the consequences of bereavement. There were moments when I didn’t really believe the dialogue but that did not take away from my enjoyment of the content. It was als

New Year New Challenge

In 2016 I resolved to set myself a reading challenge through Goodreads . This first challenge saw me attempting to read 100 books in a year. I achieved this with only the tiniest bit of cheating. I’ve been assured it was allowable cheating, so thankfully my penance simply consists of having to read more books. My second challenge saw me delving into the #Discworld. What a Fantasy-tastic challenge that was. To read about it please check out my 15 December post from last year. For my reviews of all the books I read please go to Goodreads . This year I’m going for the big 100 again but with a little twist. My aim is to read as many graphic novels and Indie books as possible. To save costs I’ll be getting the graphic novels from the library and the majority of the independent books I’ll probably read on my kindle. So I’m going to be spending a fair amount of time accessing books through Instafreebie for that portion of the challenge. For those of you not familiar wit