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101 Must See Films

Take 9: When the World went West I was a child when my father made me watch Pale Rider and The Magnificent Seven. I thought they were noble. I still think that they are the best. Pale rider - a small gold mining town is besieged by a ruthless owner. In comes a stranger who rescues the miners. This is one of my favourite westerns. Once Upon A Time in the West - once in the west people they needed railroads. A man is killed because he has the most important land to build a fine station. A mysterious stranger with an harmonica decides to help the widow build the station. A fistful of Dollars - two rival families are against each other. A stranger rides in town and before the two families know it, he's working for them. Two Mules for Sister Sara - when a gunslinger finds a group of men trying to rape a women, he steps in and stops it. Unforgiven - Clint East plays William Munny. He is inspired by his late wife to abandon his life as a gunslinger. But because of his lac


Doof doof doof doof doof doof.   Her eyes are shut and she can feel the beat of the bass through the soles of her feet. Snaking up her shins, thighs, buttocks and coming to rest in the pit of her stomach. Her legs are pumping with the action of a step instructor, her arms keeping rhythm, her fingers enclosed around the cool feel of the oft times refilled Evian water bottle clutched casually in one hand – the talisman of the Brixton clubber.   The clubbing scene - here she is in the midst of it all.     A mate called round earlier - "Wanna go clubbing?" “Where?” “Brixton.   Only 10 minutes on the number 37 and an easy trip home when you’re totally out of it.” “You’re on." “I’ll come round for you at 10.” “See you later.”                    Nearly 40 and she was still striving to find a scene that in her heart she knew wasn't her, never would be.   Why?   She knew the answer, but would not voice it, even with that quiet little inner voice. Besides, she