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Plugged In

The full and weary life of this writer consists of:
Yes, in that order.  So now you know what my priorities are.  But what about Down Time?  When do I get to have quality time with ME?
I’m not talking about the being pampered thing.  Not the massages or the foot rubs.  No, I mean doing things I love and enjoy either on my own or in a group.
Well, as my schedule is so varied and sometimes hectic I grab that ME Time as and when I can.  Travelling to and from teaching I always listen to the car radio.Depending on my mood it’s either Classic FM or Magic.

Classic FM is for when I’m heading out to a new destination and relying on my ancient SatNav to get me there while hoping there are no road works or detours to confuse my geographically phobic self.  Yes I know I could update the SatNav but I keep hoping I’m going to win one of those snazzy new cars which already has one installed.

Magic is for my familiar routes when I don’t want to be left to my own thoughts – wh…

Guest Post: Meeting the Travellers

Rosemary Hayes was brought up and educated in the UK but has also lived in France, America and Australia. She has a background in publishing (with Cambridge University Press and later running her own company, Anglia Young Books).

Her first novel, Race Against Time, set in Australia, was runner-up for the Kathleen Fidler Award. Since then she has written over forty books for children which have been published in the UK and Australia by several leading imprints. A feature length film of one of her books,The Blue-EyedAboriginewhich retells one of the most extraordinary, and violent, events in Australia’s history, is currently in development.
Her most recent books, The Mark, a fast moving novel about two teenagers on the run and The Travellers, four stories about gypsy children, were published in August 2015.
As well as writing for children, Rosemary is also a reader for a well known Author’s Advisory Service and runs creative writing workshops for both adults and children. She now lives in…
Wishing all my Hindu followers a festival of Diwali filled with every good thing life has to offer.

Peace, prosperity, good health and happiness to you all.