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Hello Holiday

This summer I’m wending my way up to Edinburgh with my best Sheffield buddy for my annual ‘summer’ holiday.   The weather isn’t exactly playing its part in my idea of a summer break, but then choosing to take a holiday in the UK is the price I have to pay for that.  So no bikini or sunblock. There are two reasons why I’m heading to Scotland.  And no, one of them isn’t my defection north of the border due to Brexit, though I was sorely tempted.  Nor is it because the knuckle-biting good looking redheads up that way are more plentiful.  I have certain friends who would argue this second is exactly why I’m going, but I insist there are two more pressing reasons.  These are: I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh and decided after being in the UK for over 20 years it was about time I finally did it. I need to do some research for my prequel – Palindrome.   The research will take place in and around Haddington but it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine a holida

For The Love of Cheese

My favourite cheese in all the world is Pecorino.  The fact that I can name an Italian cheese as my first cheese love is entirely due to my university boyfriend, Andrew.  He also introduced my very naïve South African butt to pubs and Belgian fruit beer, but that’s a whole other blog post. The main point of this post is that I regularly have wedges of stinky weird cheeses taking up space in my fridge.  They don’t last in the fridge for very long as cheese with a piece of fruit is a regular snack when I’m lounging on the sofa watching a box set or two. Even before I met Andrew I liked a bit of cheese.  But if you’d asked me about varieties I would have looked at you with a blank stare.  In South Africa I ate of the cheese.  Of course I did, but it was mainly of the Cheddar and Edam sort.  Red Leicester was introduced into the repertoire once I came to the UK.  I didn’t really know there was much else.   Please remember, before crossing an ocean to my adventurous life