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Sincere Apologies

I apologise profusely for the fault in the link I provided for a FREE e-copy of Six Dead Men. Here is a universal link which should allow you to go directly to your preferred Amazon Page. Universal Amazon Link If there are any more problems please don't hesitate to let me know. Rae

Back Catalogue Secrets I

When I wrote my debut novel Six Dead Men it was meant to be a stand-alone piece. I was already working on a Sci Fi Novel and had several other ideas floating about for new novels. It also had a very different ending to the current one. My ART at the time (a writing group run by Caroline Natzler) were insistent I change my planned ending. Here was this bunch of hard core writers who demanded the perfect word in exactly the right spot and my realistic ending was proving too traumatising for them. Who could have predicted it? Certainly not me. It took me a while to rethink my ending (an entire summer if I recall correctly) to find a closing which didn’t involve a rewrite of the entire novel. This made the writing process a touch challenging but I believe it produced a better book. However, it also woke the voices of the subsidiary characters who then demanded I write something just for them. It's the reason I now also have Six Degrees , a book of short stories in the ser

Writing Rage

Through the course of my reading and writing life (over 50 years) I’ve read authors I’ve been insanely jealous of because I admire their execution of the craft. It is not until now that I find myself reading a writer I connect with on a deeper level. Before Christmas I read Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler and felt, gosh I really get where this writer is coming from. So I did what I always do when a writer’s work speaks to me – I looked for more of her work. Here in the UK it’s difficult to get copies of her books from libraries. The librarian told me people borrow them never to return them. I fully understand why. I want to OWN every single book she’s ever written. I like this writer so much that I’ve voluntarily dipped into her short stories and essays; something I haven’t done since ‘forced’ into it by a required reading list during my days at university. I regularly ignore forewords and notes from authors but found myself wanting to know every detail of this wri