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Faetaera: In The Garden

  “You do know Lac Taal is completely infatuated with you?”  Elumin looked over at Aurelia as they walked towards their private gardens. “Of course I do.   It makes him work harder to please me.   Why do you think I addressed him directly?” Elumin trailed his finger along Aurelia’s arm before linking his fingers with hers.   “It was your cruelty which first attracted me to you, you know.” As Aurelia tilted her head and looked up at him she was careful not to change the expression on her face.   Her heart ached because he thought her cruel. Elumin chuckled as they entered their private scented glade.   He flicked out a spell to shield them.   A sigh of relief escaped Aurelia as she relaxed her hold on the control she had been grasping to so firmly. Now, where ever her feet touched the ground, little tendrils of ground cover coiled verdantly as star-like flowers opened with the sound of bubbles popping.   The air was filled with the scent of restraint released. The couple sto


  To dream of winter. Like a snowglobe. I closed my eyes and I was there, inside. There was a frozen pond. It was white, cold, crystal. It was white, iceberg white. It was beautiful. All around there was snow. I felt it falling on my face. Light snow. I breathed it. A light cloud, a small crystal, many drops of light. Snow falling down.   I was winter. Snow was falling. Deep snow. I wanted to skate. That was the thing about winter. I wanted to skate. I dreamed of skating. Lutz. Salchow. Axel. Flip. The Loop. Of moving my arms. Of moving my feet.   The music begins. I spin my left foot and so I’m moving. My left foot crossed my right. And I’m moving. Swirling, gliding, skating. I loved my arms when I am skating. They are afloat. And when I lifted my right leg, there was balance. I was gliding on one leg with the other far above me. Once I am upright I pull my right leg back and strike into the ice. My left leg swings around my right leg. I pull my arms in and spin. I spin. I spi