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Book Cover Battle: The Witch Adoption Project

  The Witch Adoption Project is due out in December which means it’s time to make a decision on the cover. I would very much like you to be involved in this so here goes. The rules are simple Watch the video Using the Blurb as your guide, pick the cover you think suits the story best Let me know either on Facebook , Instagram or in the comments which is your favourite. The cover with the most votes will be gracing the front of the book when it's released in December. Happy Voting!

Trailer: The Witch Adoption Project

  In other news... Life Extinct is now available for all e-readers with the use of this handy universal link from Books2Read   The paperback will follow by the end of September.

Nala's Neighbourhood Watch

  At my house, the standing summer tradition when the weather is particularly fine (started by my parents and continued by myself) is to always have the front door wide open from sunrise till dark. It’s a way of cooling the house. For those of you wondering the why of it. The recent delightful London weather resulted in the front door being left wide on many a day.   The postie shouts up when delivering mail and I pop down for a chat. Not so much during Lockdown, but it still happens. Neighbours stick a head in and I stop for a tea or coffee break, depending on schedules and commitments. Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of visits from my neighbour’s cat Nala. She’s newish to the neighbourhood, having been adopted from Battersea not so long ago.   These visits started out as shy forays up the stairs with a hasty dash back down if I spotted her. Gradually a ‘hello’ in her direction has turned into treats left in the hallway, then a stroke or two at the front door. We’ve now