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 Happy New Year May 2021 usher in only good things in your life. May your dearest wishes become reality. May you have health, happiness and contentment.

Festive Wishes

 Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Massive thanks for supporting me through the twists and turns of self-publishing. I look forward to sharing more of my writing with you in the New Year. May you and your loved ones stay safe and well.

101 Must See Films

Take One I was recently considering the fact that I like watching a good film almost as much as I love reading. In the midst of perusing an action film I was reminded that someone compiled a list of 100 books they advised everyone to read before one shuffles off this mortal coil. So I decided to compile a list of films I believe everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. A good film, much like a good book, should generate debate. There is of course the fact that many a good film was inspired by a truly excellent book but we will not be going into that here. Some of these films have made it onto my DVD shelf. I’m old school and haven’t bought into digital ownership as yet. There is however still time. I will be posting 8 film titles each month. Your job is to watch them then feel free to weigh in and comment. Some may be fairly harrowing and I will warn you in advance, others a tad violent and others provide giggles galore. Others are purely on this list for their nostalgic va

The Lodger Legacy: Take 2

  Over the years my lodgers and guests have been instrumental in passing on certain ideas and tastes to help mould me into the ultimate human I am to become. Well known additions to the improvement of me and my lifestyle include: my daily cup of REAL coffee (Thanks Elisa) vodka in warm milk with a spoonful of honey for those sleepless nights brought on by a head cold (thumbs up Cesare) and of course the delights of Poopourri adverts on uTube when you need a bit of cheering up (priceless Kaatje) For a more detailed account, take a look at my 2016 post on the matter. Now I’m pleased to introduce yet another Lodger Legacy and bring you the wonderful experience of Fika . This is the Swedish tradition of taking time out in your day to shoot the breeze with friends, colleagues and family. It can simply be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and some pastry or with any beverage you prefer. There is no set time for this event to take place but it is hoped it will be a daily occurrence . I’