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Festive Greetings

Thank you for all your magnificent support this year. Without your encouraging emails and comments on social media I'd be a lesser writer.

3 Easy Ways To Free Reads

  Completing a reading challenge can put a bit of a strain on your finances if you’re watching the pennies or are a struggling author trying to make her way in the world. Unless - you come up with some inventive ways of getting cheap or free reads. My 1 st port of call has always been Carnegie Library on Red Post Hill. Sadly that was shut down by my local council. Boo Hiss It’s a long story which you can read more about in my post entitled Crisis: Ruskin Readers & Carnegie Library . However, I didn’t let my short-sighted council stand in the way of my reading addiction. The whole borough’s library catalogue is available to browse online. This means I can order any book which takes my fancy, reserve it and for a modest 50p get a notice to collect it from a library of my choice at a time of my choosing. When you have a schedule like mine that’s pretty priceless. Using this method of book procuring has several advantages: Convenience You have a never ending suppl