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To One & All

May your every seed - be it a good thought, deed writing project or work of art - flourish, grow, flower and fruit in the days and months to come.

Crisis: Ruskin Readers & Carnegie Library - 1

  Adult Literacy at Carnegie Library is on the eve of its 41st Birthday in May 2016.  Despite this astounding legacy, Lambeth Council’s decision to close Carnegie Library on 31 st March now threatens this heritage.  Ruskin Readers provides one to one tuition for adults with special learning difficulties using trained volunteers, under the guidance of a Supervising Tutor.  It operates out of Carnegie Library free of charge (nor does the club charge for its services).  Carnegie’s friendly and supportive atmosphere, its complex of rooms, large and small has been the ideal location for the club’s needs.  Over the years, it has been a venue which has generated considerable affection from tutor and volunteer alike; an affection which has been sustained and nurtured to this day. Founded as Amity Reading Clubs in 1977, the Adult Literacy club became Ruskin Readers in 2006.  While it is independent of its founder members, Ruskin Readers maintains the ethos d

The Lodger Legacy

Apparently, according to those holistic minds in the know, we are meant to gain something significant from every romantic relationship we have.   And in some cases I most certainly believe I have.   But these cannot be shared with you my lovely blog readers.   Instead I want to pass on the top three gifts I’ve been left with by the many lodgers who have passed through the doors of Che Rae since I first waived the need for a visa to inhabit my land of Spare Oom. All my life I’ve been a tea and Milo drinker.   The occasional drop of whisky or Prosecco has also been known to pass my lips.   But coffee was never at the top of my drinking list.     That is, until the gorgeous Elisa from Rome entered Che Rae and ruined me forever.   Together with her mama, she lured me in with milky coffee mixtures until I was hooked on the caffeine and could live without it no longer.   Now I am forced to drink at least one cup per day and have even been heard to say that I prefer one blend over ano