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The Chicken & The Egg

Us writers are always working on ways to make our characters jump seamlessly from the page into the reader's mind. We do this in various ways of course. But for me my characters always seem to stem from some part of myself. In Sun Worship I touched upon how I try to experience the things my characters do.  Well, within reason of course. If anyone's read SixDead Men I'm sure they're very worried right now. See for yourself...  Terence Ire shifted his position swiftly and the knife was suddenly more securely in the grasp of his right hand. He slid the blade beneath Marc’s rib and felt the tip puncture the heart. He smiled at the look of surprise on the dying man’s face and pushed the knife as far as it would go before he twisted it expertly. He felt Marc’s body shudder against his holding calves and thighs. As Marc’s eyes rolled back in his head Ire released his left hand from Marc's mouth. He wiped the saliva and snot on the glov

Highlighting Highs

I've always been a highlighter. I can't resist a neon coloured pen. And when they come in a range of designs with flowers on them or cute ears on the lids which make you think of pandas ... Well, I think there are many people out there who will agree – stationery rocks and cute stationery rocks like Hugh Jackman.  There are definite similarities as far as I'm concerned. When I was at Uni my notes were covered in a range of florid colours which needed an elaborate key to be understood. At times I had to study the key and commit it to memory just in order to understand the notes I'd made. So imagine my excitement when I discovered the highlighter on my word processing package came in a range of dandy colours, but sadly, no panda ears. This little resource should not go to waste I thought. But Sharp Dark Things (2 nd novel, in case you've forgotten) did not require a great deal of highlighting in the text. My embryonic