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Faetaera: Chamber Of Doubts

Aurelia sighed.  If it were not for the protective layer of Andian crystal in the walls, floor and ceiling which shielded her private chamber the floor would be carpeted with the tiny star tipped Eidel flower her people wore to commemorate their dead.  Sometimes the constant response to emotions her land evinced tore at her.  At these times she wished for nothing more than to be in some other world where emotions did not lay so close to the surface nor run so infinitesimally deep.  She worked so hard to keep her thoughts and feelings in check.  With Elumin she could be freer but at times even his demands needed to be shut out.  Perhaps that was why he did not like this room. But every day now she felt the need to sit here for a while, to still the broiling mass of emotions she felt would overwhelm her if she did not have some time to simply be.  Protected by the walls of crystal she had fashioned with ancient magic, Aurelia could let her thoughts drift unchecked to whichever place th