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Actors Reading Writers

About 2 years ago a fellow writer, Emma   , invited me to a Liars League event. At the time I thought, What a good idea!  Wouldn't it be great to find an actor willing to read my stuff?  What a shame I don't know any actors. But knock me down with a robin feather –  last September I got the opportunity to have an extract of my novel performed by AN ACTOR.  I've been working on my novel Sharp Dark Things almost 4 and a half years now and it was beginning to feel a bit of a trial. It needed extensive editing and I was baulking. I needed a kick up the jacksy. A huge one. And since I'm not double jointed I wasn't able to perform the task. Well hello Actors Reading Writers 3 The lovely Sue Lanzon ( Something In The Water ) asked me if I'd like to contribute to the event. Well I would have been a total fool if I'd said no. And here's the evidence that I stepped into the void and hoped I wouldn't crash too ha