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Published Again – III

There is no end to the celebration! The Lonely Dragon is now available to buy in paperback & for Kindle About the Book Brueberon is the loneliest dragon there ever was on Long Upon A Time World.  Vandabar the Wizard is away on holiday and can provide no solution to Brueberon’s problem.  So he’s off to seek help from Kastaspella.  But will Kastaspella’s costly magic really help him?  What if everything goes wrong when he takes her potion?  And how will it affect a dreamer like Clarissa Henry who loves drifting in and out of Brueberon’s world?  There are consequences to every decision we make in life and Brueberon is about to find out that quick solutions are not always the best option to a problem. See Preview Here Buy the paperback – get the Kindle version for 0.99p (offer limited to 12 weeks) Shop Here

Independence & Me

I’m an Indie author! The very idea of it still makes my mind boggle.  How exactly did I get here?  And why on earth would I choose to be independent when it’s so much damned hard work? Why this seemingly insatiable desire to self-publish?  I guess to understand it we have to look at the traits inherent in my family line.  I think stubbornness and single-mindedness spring to the forefront when I consider this.  Then there’s a particularly strong strain of what South Africans call ‘the agitator’ in my gene pool.   My maternal grandmother eloped with my grandfather as they were from very different cultural backgrounds.   Her father and brothers were not best pleased.   To add to this, my grandfather was a member of the ANC so it’s easy to see that the rebellious streak in my family is in fact rebelliousness² on the maternal side at any rate – I don’t think I need to say much more on that score. The paternal side of my family are made up of Dutc

Published Again – II

Still celebrating!   Six Dead Men is now available to buy through Amazon .  About The Book First you’ll encounter snapshots of six dead men – their lives steeped in squalor.    Six lives extinguished in mysterious circumstances.    In life they infected what they touched and in death they continue to wreak havoc.    Then you’ll meet Detective Inspector Robert Deed.    Even contemptible men deserve to have their deaths explained.    Don’t they?    So reasons our detective.    And he has a suspect in his sights – Madison Bricot. But what about Madison?   She just wants to live the normal life of a twenty-six year old.   But now her boyfriend is dead and she’s not quite sure how she feels about it.   Soon she’s about to learn some things about herself which terrify her into running.   Meanwhile Detective Inspector Deed will have to battle against his attraction for Madison and prove what he already knows - her guilt. See Preview Here

Published Again - I

I’m celebrating!   Where Rainbows Hide is now available to buy through Amazon .  About The Book It is a Science Fiction novel for young adults with a 19 year old protagonist at odds with her world and struggling to make important life decisions.   Neera Luxquaera still has no clue where her life is going.   Hopelessly drifting from one job to the next she finally applies for a job onboard a shuttle heading out on an expedition beyond her Domed world.    Will this last ditch attempt to find her niche in a fractured world finally help her see the rainbows she’s been searching for so long? See Preview Here ______________________________________________________________ The great news is that I appear to be on schedule with all my republishing plans for this year.  I reaped the benefits of joining The Alliance of Independent Authors immediately as I was able to gain valuable advice from members on their Facebook page.  But in particular, mass