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ARTs – An Author’s Frontline

I’m hoping to do my best Henry V imitation and exhort many of you to join my A dvance R eading T eam ( ART ) immediately. A quick Thank You here to my current dream team. You know who you are so I won't embarrass you by naming names. What exactly is an ART? An A dvance R eading T eam is an indie author’s first line of both attack and defense. The war terminology is out in full force now. What I mean by this is that they spot glaring errors and help us authors gain support and enthusiasm which is so crucial when launching a book. What do you get out of it? As a member of my ART you would get: A FREE advance e-copy of any upcoming books The opportunity to name a character in my next book Your name listed in the front matter if you have provided feedback in the review period   What do I get out of it? In return, at the time of the book’s official release, I’ll ask you for an honest review either on Amazon, Goodreads or both. This is because r

Year of the Rat

I hope you’ve all had a very good start to your New Year. Many are asking what the year of the Rat holds for us. For myself I’m hoping the rat’s aptitude for survival and its prodigious breeding capacity bodes well. I’ve thankfully survived the bad bout of migraines brought on by my Lupus last year. It made me reassess my needs and how I want to live my life going forward. I made the tough decision to give up my teaching which has provided me with the bulk of my income to date. For years I’ve wanted to concentrate solely on my writing and I think now is the time to do it, nerve-wracking though it may be. I’ve got a clutch of stories, poems and novels incubating and ready to hatch. Those born in the Year of the Rat are said to be ‘industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive’. While I’m not a product of one of the Rat years I certainly hope the traits of this particular rodent will rub off on me. I’m going to need all these to complete and publish the projects I have in mi