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It’s no hard task to see how many will view 2020 as a negative year. Initially I would have whole heartedly agreed. However, several things happened before the end of it that cemented the idea in my mind that it was a year of grabbing onto gratitude.  These are my reasons: Despite the fact my mental health showed itself to have the fragility of mouse bones between the jaws of a skilful neighbourhood cat; I’ve come away from the experience feeling supported, cherished and unashamed of owning my brittle mental status. It was not an easy route by any means. But COVID forced me to accept that while I know how to be alone, I’m not exactly a happy camper about this fact. Owning this to dear friends and family has eased a burden I didn’t even realise I was carrying. Particular thanks for helping me through this time go to my homeopath Veronica, my cousin Michelle and my wonderful friends Chantal and Bev. There are also people I must apologise to. I flipped out and blamed them for how I was

101 Must See Films

Take 2: The Besson Collection I’ve found in recent times that I’m drawn to films without necessarily knowing who they’re directed by. Interestingly, I’ve discovered after the fact that I appear to have a penchant for Luc Besson films. The following list attests to this and 5 of these titles are currently snuggled together on my DVD shelf. Here are your 8 films to start the new year off with a bit of a bang, crash, splat and kaboom. Who says fireworks have to come from China. La femme Nikitta - if you're a fan of the TV series then this is a must watch because it's where it all began. Unleashed - martial arts, a piano & braces - just watch it! The Transporter - martial arts, car chases, kidnap & people trafficking Transporter 2 - martial arts, car chases & kidnap Transporter 3 - martial arts, kaboom, car chases & eye candy for the ladies The 5th element - Scifi Action in spades Leon - my all time favourite assassin  movie, ever! Lockout - Scifi action with