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Like a phoenix

Many thanks for all the messages I received from people after my last post. I truly appreciate the support extended by each and every one of you. If I haven’t responded to your email as yet, please bear with me, I will get back to you pronto.Great NewsThere’s tons of it to pass on.Airbnb have opened up my calendar and I'm booked up until the end of October. This is a great relief to me.I’ve been loading my books on Draft 2 Digital which means they’re available for all e-readers and not just Kindle. This is long overdue so I’m very glad I finally got that squared away.I’ve also finally gone ‘wide’ for my paperbacks so can approach local independent bookshops and libraries to stock my books.I’m working on a short book as part of the Deed series. It will be exclusive to members of my mailing list. That should be done by mid October and with my subscribers once I convert it to an epub and mobi doc. I will also provide a pdf if people prefer that.I’m well into the final edit of The Wit…

London Lockdown Lament

The COVID Lockdown here in South London has been a fraught one for me. It didn’t start out that way. I’m used to spending hours on my own. When I was younger I thought this was a defect but then discovered it had a label – INTROVERT. Shrugging my shoulders philosophically, I gave in to my inner nature and split my time between friends, work, writing and watching my favourite films and TV programmes. So I wasn't unduly concerned about the London ‘Lockdown’.At the start of the Lockdown I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Airbnb guest staying with me. She came from Canada with her 3 cats in tow and we all got to know each other intimately. Well, more or less. The cats were very shy to begin with. But I charmed them with treats and my innate feline nature. I also made my guest do ridiculous tasks such as carrying an old water tank from a neighbour’s driveway to my garden so I can someday turn it into a water feature. No, that hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Eventually.My guest (n…