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Faetaera: Machinations

  The windows of Brairton's office were small and high up on the wall.   So high up that he could not see out of them.   He didn't care much for what the scenery outside had to offer.   If he could have it his way the place would have no windows at all.   But he needed easy access for his spies.   The feline part of Brairton's nature wanted always to swat at the wasps buzzing their news to his ears.   But if he killed them before they relayed their information his whole Buzz System would be quite pointless. So he resisted. Regretfully. So finally, he now knew how the goat fitted into Lac Taal’s network.   It had taken careful planning and positioning of his spies to find out that key point.   Brairton considered letting the queen's consort know, but decided he would keep this nugget of information locked away for the present.   A time would come when the queen would truly understand his worth and see how she had underestimated him. He wondered how his little exercis

Faetaera: Paggle & Co

  "This is so cool.   Are you going to start a riot?   There hasn't been a riot since... forever!   Actually, I don't even know what a riot is, but it always sounds so exciting when mum and dad talk about the rioting hordes in the old days."   Muggy's voice raced to keep up with the speed of her movements.   She weaved in and out of her older brother's rapidly moving legs, dodging body pops, complicated high kicks and exaggerated Irish dancing feet flicks. Her brother, Badoo, tried his best to ignore her.   Younger siblings, they were nothing but trouble.   It wouldn't be so bad, but Muggy was the youngest pixling in his family and seemed to think she had to look out for him.   But Badoo was fed up of Muggy always getting under his feet.   His paggle had a thing to do and it just had to be done.   He'd been practising his steps and he didn't want to get it wrong.   Now Muggy was threatening to bolas his feet from under him with her gyrations ar