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Character: The Peripherals

This is the final instalment of posts about my writing process.  So last but not least I'm focusing on my peripheral characters. It seems wrong to name these characters such: marginal, outlying, minor.  Because they are far from it.  Often they are integral to the further development of the protagonist and serve as strong a role as the antagonist. My list of subsidiary characters will seem strange to some of you.  But what my protagonist requires I write to accommodate that need.  So they range from aunts, brothers, fathers and magical realms to animals.  Here they are in all their glory: Roxanne, Francesca and Thorin ( Sharp Dark Things ) Bruno Kiefer ( Sharp Dark Things ) Faetaera ( Sharp Dark Things ) Arthur Deed ( Palindrome ) Horatio Luther Henry ( Of Dragons & Witches series ) Jinx & Snookie ( Of Dragons & Witches series ) Chisanda ( Where Rainbows Hide ) Marco Zeppo ( Where Rainbows Hide & When Rainbows Cry ) In Sharp Dark Thi

Character: The Antagonists

Now it's back to writing about my writing process and it's time to focus on the antagonists I write. It seems I don’t mind having male and female antagonists even though I’ve plumped so heavily for females in the protagonist camp. Robert Deed ( Six Dead Men ) Terence Ire ( Six Dead Men ) Zaq ( Where Rainbows Hide ) Irina Bushka ( Where Rainbows Hide ) The Authorities ( When Rainbows Cry ) Kastaspella aka Jocasta Incantata ( Of Dragons & Witches series ) Grief/Brairton ( Sharp Dark Things ) Robert Deed’s name in this list may well surprise you.  Let me explain.  To begin with, his main aim is to prove Madison Bricot guilty of her boyfriend’s murder.  The twists and turns of the plot however mean he ends up sharing protagonist status with Madison.  He ultimately has too sound a nature to be the villain and his role shifts to that of the main romantic interest.  But then, that was my aim all along, to trick the reader into thinking he was t