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@instafreebie Read of the Month

Running Out of Space (Sunblinded #1)   by SJ Higbee Genre Dystopian SciFi Audience Anyone who likes feisty characters & tons of action Reader Rating 4 STARS Lizzy Wright is serving her time on a merchant spaceship. She’s fed up with the restricted life of a fertile female; always chaperoned and guarded. So together with 3 other strong willed young women, she heads off to territory they’ve been banned from exploring. Here things take a nasty turn and it’s due to chance that the help of a stranger means they only leave one dead body behind. Disobedience has consequences and Lizzy’s about to discover just how severe they can be. The action is full on from the very first page of this read. The majority of the story takes place onboard a spaceship run by an uncompromising military minded captain. There’s tension between characters from the get go as the feisty babes’ forbidden territory shore-leave jaunt finds them in a very tight spot. Themes revolv

Insider Insights

A Palindrome Character Interview  Originally featured as a guest post on Ian Richard's website Ideally we’d like to be interviewing Robert right now, but if you've read Six Dead Men you'll be well aware, he’s solitary, preferring the worlds tucked between the covers of a good book. So we’ll leave him be and turn instead to someone who knew him well while he was living in Haddington: Gabriel Haskey, school librarian at Knox Academy, now retired and living in Crete. Interview Mr Haskey – it wasn’t so long ago that you knew Robert fairly well. What was he like when he was at Knox Academy? Robert hasn’t changed all that much. I haven’t seen him since his 15th birthday. But he writes me long thought provoking letters. Always been a deep thinker. Likes his own company. Reads voraciously. What’s the first thing you notice about Robert? His nose is always stuck in a book. What was his relationship like with his classmates? Never quite one