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Once, when I was about 12 or 13 I bemoaned the fact I had no friends.  Around me, my contemporaries seemed to have scores of them.  I felt understandably left out. My mother sat me down and told me she could count her most valued friends on one hand. I disbelieved her. I was at that age when you begin doubting the wisdom of your parents. As you know from  Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend , I’m thrilled to have 5 gems on my bracelet. But with Thanksgiving round the corner, I'm once again celebrating fabulously forged friendships because a good friend is the most priceless gift of all.   As well as the Koh-i-noor diamonds   making up my sparkilicious friendship bracelet, there are other friends who also give me succour in more ways than they might realise. The first group owed acknowledgement this Friendsgiving are the members of my Writing Group in Telegraph Hill.  Without this lot I’d spend a great deal of time writing far too many words and do a lot less edi

Scifi & Dystopian Giveaway

I'm thrilled to announce that Where Rainbows Hide has been included in a mass e-book GIVEAWAY hosted by well known author and pod-caster, Paul Teague . Can you spot my little baby in the fabulous line up above? Get your FREE books here Scifi/Dystopian Giveaway

My Top 5 #Discworld Reads

It’s time to update you on how my annual reading challenge is going. For those of you new to this blog I’ll give a quick recap. This is the second year I’ve set myself a reading challenge. Last year I decided I would have a go at reading 100 books in a year. It nearly killed me but I did it. If you want to read about it please do so by following the link above.  This post however is about my current reading challenge. It’s the one where I try to read as many Pratchett novels as I can in a year. I started with the Discworld books and there are 41 in the series.  I’ve managed to read 24 and thought I’d give you a heads up on the five I’ve found the most entertaining so far. At number 5 is Witches Abroad The triple act of the witches Weatherwax, Ogg and Garlic are crucial in giving readers a taste of Pratchett’s brilliance at character creation.   He does a mean job of description and one of my favourites is of Nanny Ogg’s son Jason:   “He didn’t look as if he coul

Project Imagination Set Free

An e-book GIVEAWAY Hosted by Scott Ferrell and featuring over 30 writers, including myself, of   amazing young adult stories that fall under the genres of fantasy and sci-fi in all of their many forms. Get your free books here Imagination Set Free