A Fortnight in the life of a Writer/Tutor

My weekly schedule before the end of exams

Since Easter it’s been all go at my Writing HQ, aka the desk in my living room. I’ve been diligently working on the final edits of my upcoming release. Meanwhile I’ve still had to maintain tutoring commitments as well as my obligations to Inkhead. In the midst of all this I attempted to continue my Italian studies via Duolingo.

Around the beginning of May the charity I teach at asked for 6 weeks of detailed lesson planning so they can comply with their application for DFE status. While not difficult to do, as any teacher knows, this is incredibly labour intensive. So glad to say I’ve finally finished that lot. However, as I’m the one and only English tutor it also falls to me to plan next year’s curriculum. My work is not yet done. Onward.

To add to my May and June tutoring load, my less confident GCSE students requested extra tuition sessions as their exams were looming. Thankfully the final English exams are now over and done with so that means I’ll have the odd evening free to indulge in whatever takes my fancy. Having said that though, I was recently approached by a mum who knows my schedule pretty well. This is an approximation of the conversation which ensued:

Mum: So, your after school club sessions are coming to an end.
Me: (chewing my bottom lip) Yes, that’s right.
Mum: So can you slot little Johnny into one of those afternoons to help him get over his writing to a deadline phobia? He loves the club and what you do there but I really think 121 will benefit him more.
Me: (unable to resist a plea hidden inside a compliment) I’ll see what I can do. Email me later this week.

Then, because I clearly didn’t have enough going on, I decided to list my spare room on Airbnb. I forgot how that meant I’d have to spruce up other areas of the house too. It hit me when I got my first request to host and a reminder email from Airbnb to do a spot of tidying before my guest arrives. This instigated running around headless chicken style before I remembered there are some spare evenings and weekends in between to get stuff sorted. Head back on chicken. This resulted in a plan of action and one of the results was this rather fabulous balcony makeover last weekend.

Of course, that's only 1 item ticked off my new To Do List so I've also decided some of my manic schedule had to be chopped. It just so happens that currently involves Italian studies and dancing. Molto triste on that score, especially the dancing. But needs must.

Now my focus is mainly on final edits of Palindrome, sticking to the pre-release schedule I’ve devised & sprucing up the house and garden (thank you my fabulous London BF, neighbour Kathy and your lovely dog Nelson for the assist on that one).

Let’s hope in the coming weeks I can also develop the power to resist any more requests to tutor in my freed up slots. I so want to go back to dancing and possibly even remembering the odd word in Italian.

My weekly schedule post exams

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