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101 Must See Films

Take 5: Feisty Females

Who can resist a feisty female? Not me. Amongst my acquaintance it’s rumoured I may well be one. I don’t have the killer skills of the women in these fine films so have no idea why this rumour surfaced. But I can promise that you’ll find your very own favourite in this little lot.

Kill Bill 1 – A classic come back film featuring a bucket load of grit, fortitude & great martial arts action scenes.

Kill Bill 2 – you just know you’re onto a good thing when there’s a tribute to Bruce Lee in the action sequence

Working Girl – Melanie Griffiths vacuuming in her underwear. Do I really need to say much more than that?

Million Dollar Baby – Heart-breaking & fabulous

Thelma and Louise – The film that defines the letters BFF

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – a pint sized heroine, brilliant investigative journalism & beautiful Swedish scenery. Please take my advice and watch the original Swedish version. 

The Girl who Played with Fire - sequel to the above. Original Swedish version. No substitutes accepted.

The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest - Final film in the trilogy. Wonderful story telling. Made me want to read the books. May still do when I get a moment, in between blog posts and my own writing.


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101 Must See Films

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