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“Say what?” I hear you cry.

Jolabokaflod aka Christmas Book Flood

For those of you up on these things, Jolabokaflod is an Icelandic term for a gift giving tradition relating to Christmas Eve. To be more specific it is the giving of books so people can indulge in a bit of cosy armchair travel. This wonderful tradition dates back to WWII when imports were limited. I think a certain pesky Austrian was responsible for that. At any rate, the tradition of book giving has stuck and it’s reported that over 90% of Icelanders read at least 1 book a year. Go Icelanders!

 As a self-confessed bookworm I’m naturally highly in favour of this particular tradition and also of the opinion that you don’t necessarily need to have the Aurora Borealis or the midnight sun on your doorstep in order to participate. So in the spirit of things multi-cultural I’m fully supporting Jolabokaflod until my dying day. I urge you to join me in this support and do likewise.

 Jolabokaflod News

In the spirit of the Icelandic tradition I’m offering you something special so you’ve got plenty of reading material to hand. I’ve put my 3 dragons & witches books together in one handy collection. It’s also at a bargain price until 19 December. So don’t miss out on this handy pre-Christmas deal.

 Happy Jolabokaflod bookworms everywhere! 



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