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Sneak Peak: armour plating & witches


As you know, my ART have been hard at work sending their notes on The Witch Adoption Project and the new poetry book is out there to buy. But I thought you deserved a tidbit or two. So here for you is a sneaky peak at a poem from Life Extinct and Chapter 36 of the sequel to The Lonely Dragon. For a look see just click on the relevant picture below.



Good News

  • The old cat flap is open once more and Neighbourly Nala continues to visit regularly. Like every teenager out there, she prefers highly calorific treats over those concerned for her dental health.
  • I continue to get new bookings for my spare room through Airbnb and so far have met a lovely sculpture specialist from France and a young man from Hong Kong who is under Nala’s thrall.
  • I’m getting to grips with the whole Going Wide side of things and have joined a fantastically supportive group on Facebook called Wide For The Win. This means my e-books are now available for all e-readers and also reader subscription services.
  • Members of my wonderful writing group are giving me valued feedback on my new WIP. You will soon be getting a peak at that.

Extra Special Thanks

To Simon from SwingdanceUK and fellow writer, Abi Bown for their continued support and encouragement. Champagne Moments help me make it through the week because their manageable size makes them feel so doable.



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