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Old Dog, New Tricks - Reader Subscription Services


During Lockdown I had to learn a raft of new online skills. One of the many things I discovered was the existence of reader subscriptions services. I guess the main reason this was so new to me, even though it’s been around for a while, is that I’m an avid library user and doubt this will ever change. However, for those not as library-bound as this particular potential Luddite, it seems ideal.

How they work is:

  • you pay a monthly subscription fee, much like you do for Netflix or Sky
  • they have 30 day free trials
  • they carry a large selection of e-magazines and books
  • they are compatible on many device platforms including Kobo, Nook and more
  • they are generally available worldwide

The main reason I became aware of them is that I attended an online seminar run by the Alliance of Independent Authors on how to spread the reach of my e-books beyond Kindle Unlimited. The speaker mentioned a few names which were unfamiliar to me so I checked them out. 

If you’re short on money I still highly recommend using your local library with impunity. It does of course require that you shamelessly flash your library card round in public and proclaim allegiance to all librarians for all eternity. I certainly don’t take issue with these stipulations. My love of libraries is well documented.

Proud to be a library card lifer

If you’re not as free with your library love as I am and wish to contribute to the economy in a more substantial manner, then a subscription service may be just the thing. With this in mind I’ve scoured the internet in search of the most recommended services.

Here are the top 5






Currently I don’t plan on using any of these. Mainly because of my library addiction. That doesn’t mean I might not use one in the future despite the possibility I may be tarred and feathered by justifiably upset librarians everywhere. You on the other hand, have options.

 Good News


Free E-books


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