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In Search of 9 Lives

I had forgotten how much fun it is writing a children’s book or anything related to it. In the last couple of years themes and topics in my writing haven’t exactly been light-hearted. To name just a few: segregation, oppression and universal ecological catastrophe. See what I mean?

Earlier this year I asked my Facebook followers to choose my next WIP and The Witch Adoption Project [WAP] came out tops. This sequel was bound to happen as I’d already been mulling over what was happening to the characters of The Lonely Dragon since I left them on Long Upon A Time world. In fact I’d been storing ideas in a folder I like to call The Vault.

WAP certainly contains serious themes (issues faced by children in the foster system being one of them) but several of the characters mean I can explore a sillier side to my nature as I delve into what makes a particular character tick. Quite early on I began to feel the need to add the voice of Kastaspella’s cat Jinx into the sequel. Naturally Clarissa’s dog Snookie then felt he had to add his 2 pennies. They are very different characters and their voices certainly let you know this.

These animal characters have currently taken over my life. And I can’t say I’m all that upset about it. In between chapters for WAP I’ve been ghost writing Jinx’s memoirs. Please keep this on the down low. He doesn’t want it to be common knowledge. As soon as Snookie discovered I was pounding the keys on Jinx’s behalf, he insisted I edit his autobiography. Here’s a little quote from my conversation with him:

“I’ll nae be needing you tae write it fae me mind, unlike some I can mention. It’s all in ma heid. If Conan Doyle and Rowling could scribble away fae hours then so can I. And I warrant I’ll match their success too.”

I refrained from mentioning that keyboards and paws are not a match made in heaven as I’m sure he’ll have a solution to that in mind already.

The only problem about engaging with my animal characters lies in the fact I may be having just a little too much fun. I spend as much time thinking of appropriate fonts for their writing and creating front covers for these future pocket sized publications as I do on the actual writing.

My plan is that anyone subscribed onto my mailing list will get a free e-copy of each of these as soon as they’re written (Early next year for Jinx’s memoirs and around July for Snookie’s autobiography if I can manage to get through the insanity of dealing with the noise from next door’s building works.)

Jinx’s tale is called Memoirs of a Feline Familiar and I’ve got a few front covers in mind.  I'm leaning towards 1 in particular but would love your input. 

And here to whet your appetite is a little taster of his thoughts.

Even as a kitten I was exceptional. Average was not a word bandied in our household. My lineage can be traced back to Bastet. Now most felines claim this but in this instance it’s utterly true. I have seals and documentation to verify this fact. These will however remain locked in the family pyramid for all eternity so don’t ask me to produce them. Not to mention that digging beneath the Sphinx is a massive endeavour and only the likes of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones are likely to survive the deadly 360º booby traps encircling the sarcophagus where the documents reside.

Quite simply, kittenhood consisted of me marking time. Early on my vocation presented itself to me in the entrails of a mouse. My mother looked over the evidence I pointed out to her and the in-house Mousequseer was consulted to confirm matters. Employing the services of a Mousequseer in these instances is of course standard practice. That we already had one in our employ is naturally due to our standing in the community.

The other thing I need your help with is in deciding what to call Snookie’s autobiography. He’s mixed breed with a predominance of West Highland so I feel that’s the way to go. Suggestions most welcome. I’ve no definite plans on his colouring so if anyone owns a Westie and wants to inspire me then please send some photos over. I’d also like a decision on what his family name should be. Something decidedly Scottish of course.


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