BHM: Top 5 Films

In my view it’s always a good day to watch a film and especially one which enlightens. So as we’re doing all things Black History this month, here are my top 5 films to watch during this period:

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

An oldie but a goody. I loved this film when I first saw it primarily because it featured Sidney Poitier. I was too young to understand how important it was at the time. I’m even amazed I got to see it at all considering where I lived.  If you like what you see here I can also recommend you take a look at Blackboard Jungle and To Sir With Love. They are also terrific.

Mississipi Burning

A gruelling watch but well worth it to get a true flavour of the horrors so prevalent in the US at the time it depicts. Not that much seems to have changed mind. Be warned, though, there are some truly horrific scenes in it.

The Help

I read the book way before I saw the film but was gratified it stuck true to the events described in the book. I love the subversive nature of its content and how it shows it is possible to overcome adversity through the smallest of actions. I also absolutely love the fact the women find their voice through the printed medium.


The abolition of slavery in the making, a mixed race woman living in a racist society, the fight for love and equality – what’s not to like?


Despite the adversities the Loving’s had to endure, this film gave me great hope for the future. As long as we continue to see each other as human beings rather than consider the colour of our skin as defining who we are, we will remain truly humane.

Other films you may want to consider:
The Butler
Malcolm X
To Sir With Love
A United Kingdom
Blackboard Jungle
Twelve Years A Slave


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