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Sun Worship

My second novel – Sharp Dark Things (desperately needing 3rd edit and hoping to be published on contains a description of my character sunbathing her eyelids in the early morning sun.  

And because I know you're wondering why:  

It's her moment of epiphany.  

In the spirit of living with my characters I thought it only right to emulate her actions – feel what she felt, hear what she heard... blah di blah blah.

I stood there, eyes shut, head tilted to meet the day and promptly sneezed humungously.  I recall this happening to me as a child.  It appears I'm still afflicted.

Why does this happen?  I pondered 

So I Googled it.


a) the laptop is in the next room 
b) it can be accessed even with one hand still wrapped around a cup of tea and
c) I think a trip to the library for this sort of diversionary tactic is a little excessive

And discovered an actual syndrome called Photic Sneeze Reflex.  18 - 35% of humans suffer from it, including me.

At this point I'm trying in vain to avoid one of my brain's daily sidetracks – segue Sun Worship.  I just couldn't help but ask myself, 

“What did the Aztecs and Egyptians get out of all that sun worship besides a hefty dose of vitamin D and a very becoming tan?”

Google search 2 revealed this popular Aztec pass-time has not died out.  In fact it has made somewhat of a resurgence.  And I don't mean all those people who rush out to the park at lunch time and strip off when a chink of sunlight makes its presence felt.

I mean Sun Gazing.  

Oh boy, what a controversial subject!  While one website sang the praises of the practice, urging me to do it instantly, Wiki had big DON'T GO NEAR IT ALERTS stamped all over its info.

So my brain was in turmoil with all this blast of conflicting information.  

  • We need vitamin D don't we? 

  • And what about all that photosynthesis business I remember from Standard 9 biology?

  • And what about cats?  Well, they do a fair bit of sun bathing if not sun gazing.

All these questions burning a hole in my brain.  There's only one way to deal with it.

BE REALISTIC – I live in the UK.  Exactly how much sun am I going to see any time soon?  I need to make the most of the little I get, even if it's through the double glazing of my kitchen window.  

And I'm also going to do it because in the process of being my character:

  • I discovered my initial description in the novel was incorrect which has prompted the start of the much needed 3rd edit.

  • I need the vitamin D, defused through double glazing or not.

And finally

  • I fancy a fetching tan on my eyelids – cheaper than eye shadow.

So Aztecs, Egyptians, Pagans...  I'm joining you lot – well, sort of.


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