For some time now I have wanted to enter the world of blogging and create “an online authorial presence”.  


  • With one e-novel, Six Dead Men, already languishing on Amazon and another waiting in the wings for its much needed third edit, it stands to reason that I want to increase my online presence.  

  • 24,000 words of a third novel is also inching its way towards completion of the first draft.

  • An idea for a fourth novel is already tapping away at my skull and...

  • This is what all the writing magazines and workshops say I should be doing if I'm the serious author I claim to be.  

But I confess the thought of having to become a techno-wiz overnight thoroughly terrified me.  So I told myself I would hang fire and wait for the right moment to come along.

And it did!  

The wonderful generosity of my good writing buddy Sydnee Blake found me attending a Blogging for Beginners workshop run by Emily Benet.  I left the workshop mentally wrung out but thoroughly inspired to blog until there was no more blogging left in me.

So first off – Sydnee, you gem, thank you for thinking of me, even in the midst of your own very difficult circumstances.  I cannot begin to thank you enough. I only hope the notes I took of the day together with a second hand tutorial from me will give you equal amounts of enthusiasm for blogging.

And secondly - big thanks to Emily Benet who made me understand what I was convinced would be absolute gobbledegook to me.

And last but by no means least - all hail to the goddess Serendipity for reminding me that the universe is always on my side even when I start to doubt it.


  1. Congratulations on your new blog and first post! I'm so glad you found the workshop useful. Happy writing :)

    1. Thanks for your support Emily. It means a great deal.


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