2019 & Beyond

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions as I’m so busy trying to finish off tasks already on the go. Everything tends to carry through to the next year, particularly when it comes to my writing. I know resolutions are meant to be about the personal but my writing and I are so closely linked that inevitably, it ends up being one and the same.

This year is no different. I’ve got several projects on the go. My plan was to publish a Robert Deed Collection last year which puts all the Deed books into one volume. Unfortunately due to a spate of migraines during November and December that plan didn’t quite pan out. I am however very happy to report that the e-version of this collection is now available for you to buy. Since you are a select bunch you get the opportunity to purchase it at a reduced price from 1 – 5 February. This is because February is my birthday month and I love to give presents as much as receive them. So here for you is the link for this limited offer. http://authl.it/aue

The paperback version of this is due out in April or sooner if I can sort out the tricky formatting issues I'm experiencing.

I’m still working on the sequel to The Lonely Dragon. The title of this is likely to be The Witch Adoption Project [WAP] I’ve started editing the first draft and aim to have it ready for publication this summer. For those interested in where this is going you can check out this EXTRACT. Also, if you have any children aged 10 – 14 then I’d be very happy to have them read the draft and provide feedback. Please email to state your interest. If anyone else would like to be part of my Advance Reader team please message me to let me know and I'll add you to that list.

Alongside the WAP edit, I’m also working on Memoirs of a Feline Familiar. [MFF] This has stalled somewhat as I’ve been so busy bashing out the first draft of WAP. It is now back on track and I aim to have that finished as soon as possible and offer it as a free read for all you lovely lot.

Finally, I’m working on a collaborative poetry collection with Bev Cross, a long time writing friend who is based in Sheffield. We’re probably going to call the collection Zoo Nation and it will contain approximately 20 - 24 poems from the point of view of various animals. The plan is to have this ready for publication by Easter. We’re also hoping to convince Nell Farrell to write the foreword.

Other than writing, I’m still reading. This year is a little different. I only plan to read 60 books but they must conform to a very specific set of criteria. I got this idea from Chantelle Atkins, another Indie author, and decided to run with it. Let’s see how well I do. Have managed to read 3 books which match my criteria so far. If anyone would like to join me in this challenge please feel free to ask me for a list of the criteria.


  1. Good luck with your goals. My writing goals are my personal goals. I hate it when things get in the way of them


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